Responsible dog care


We dispose of any droppings in compliance with the Dogs (fouling of land) Act 1996


Animals are transported  using individual sealt belts or contained in the rear of the vehicle, using a guard, complying with Section 57 of the Highway Code. (We do not use cages).


We really like to let dogs have free runs, and have a few places which we consider safe to let them off. (a disused railway line and country parks) However we will only let a dog off the leash if we have the owner's written consent AND if we are confident on its recall.


For the sake of other dogs in our care, for boarding, we need you to bring proof that it is uptodate with its vaccinations, and also proof that it has been treated for fleas, or that you will pay for us to treat it if we find evidence. (Sorry we have had to add this bit since having a dog with fleas which it may well have only attained shortly before its arrival - maybe at the groomer's.)