Oh, he's just so cute! Got away with murder. How can you tell a puppy off when you just see his head slither backwards round the edge of the table and the slice of bread you were buttering, disappear. My two daughters and myself were creased up laughing as Nikki grabbed the edge of it, only to...

Alfie and Molli

Alfie and Molli on their sleepover - making sure all is well before their main holiday with us. And everything is definitely hunky-dory.


George - our cover dog! A 4-year old yellow lab. He was the one who actually got us into this business. Somehow, Facebook, probably, I renewed an old friendship (from over 30 years ago), and we tested out minding 1 dog (George), 2 cats and 3 ducks in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. No...

Tigra and Flora - Spanish rescue greyhounds by Rachel

My two girls have more spirit and energy since Pauline had been involved in their exercising. Rescue dogs have an inbuilt warning system about who to trust and who not to. On Day 1, my two girls trotted down the street, tails wagging like they had known Pauline and David for years.   The...

Sacha and Suki - Mush!!

When their owner broke her foot, I walked ?? these two huskies for a few weeks. I really needed skates as there was no snow for a sledge. You would have sworn they had been trained to pull a sled the way they always walked (and pulled) in unison. Beautiful dogs!