Who let the dogs out??

06/08/2013 16:34

Had a great week. Sometimes, we have dogs on half-day care. Instead of "just" taking them for an hour's walk, they might get a bit shorter walk, but they spend 3-4 hours with us one way or another. If we have well-matched dogs, we can sometimes just have a cuppa tea in the garden, and let them entertain us (OK, with a bit of input from us). This video clip shows Amber and Oscar having a whale of a time. No, they're not related, or even the same breed - one's a labradoodle, the other is a shihtzu/poodle (we don't abreviate it!), but as one owner put it, the little one is just a mini-me of the other.

I think we should have one of these clips attached to our strap-line, "Don't they make you smile." Enjoy.