Two Chihuahuas and a German Shephed...., a Schitzu and a Norfolk terrier

01/02/2013 23:19

We've been having fun the last few days. Harley and Ollie, the chihuahuas have terrorised anything that comes near them. I agree with their owner - they probably think they are rottweilers, and actually get away with it as people and dogs look at them and think they can't be serious, and can't really hurt, so don't stop them. Lacy, the schitzu we who has come for daycare this week, didn't seem to know what to do at first, so just ignored them, but after a while wagged her tail and actually enjoyed playing with them. I was a bit worried that Sasha, the big German Shepherd, might think they were her supper, but no, she just escaped to a corner.