The morning after the night before

13/05/2013 09:08

Well! We had a really weird night with the 4 of them. Lacy was the only one who was acting "normally". Normal, for Lacy, that is! She was still sitting on my feet, ignoring what was going on. But I was really worried about Holly, the spaniel, who was sitting on the stairs and wouldn't come down, and just didn't look her usual happy self. And she would give a low growl if you went anywhere near her paws. I wondered if she had a thorn or something. And I wasn't sure just what her growl meant, but we still stroked her. But as she was going home today, I decided to leave her paws alone.

Then Tia and Pippin were just hyper! Tia, especially, was getting really excited, and trying to get me to do something. And getting very frustrated that I wouldn't do it! I thought at first, after the morning, that she wanted to go in the garden, but no. And both of them wanted lots of cuddles.

Eventually, after an hour or two, it seemed that they were all hungry. Holly especially. Even though we have always given her a bit more than her allocated 110gm, she had almost another full meal, and returned to being her happy waggy-tailed self. Tia and Pippin had a few treats, and Lacy had a couple to keep up with them. Perhaps they all get more exercise than usual, and maybe work off some nervous energy as well. All went to bed happy.

And now this morning. Willow, the retriever has arrived for a few hours. Holly (she goes back this afternoon) has a playmate again - she's in her element. Lacy desperately wants to play with them, but can't quite bring herself to do it. The other two are just finding a quiet spot.  Brrr! It's freezing cold. I'll put a photo on here later.