The Four Littlies

11/05/2013 21:03

At the moment we have our full quota of 4 dogs - but, thankfully when they come back drenched after a walk in the rain and need drying, they are all small. Holly, the springer spaniel with the never-still waggy tail, is nearing the end of her 2-week holiday. She is full of energy, and always ready to go. Tia and Pippin, are both quite old, but still relatively good for their ages, are not impressed with the rain! (Like us!). The first evening, they were a bit subdued, and took themselves off to their baskets in the kitchen. But this has all changed now they have settled in. Pippin's always there, wanting attention, and Tia was very vocal this evening when she was telling us that we were late with her dinner! Actually we can have quite a long conversation, but I'm not quite sure what language she speaks - just now, I decided maybe she wanted to go into the garden, but clearly not, after I opened the door, and she still continued "talking"Tia is the matriarch, and doesn't want to be bothered, generally with frolicking youngsters like Holly, but a quick "go away", and she's fine. Then Lacy. Lacy has been here a few times now, but not to stay overnight. We knew she was a people dog, rather than a dog dog. And wherever we are in the house, lacy won't be far from our feet. She was a bit grumpy with the the other dogs just at first, but has soon learnt to get along, so tonight, instead of them all being in separate rooms, hopefully they are all going to have the run of the house. (But I'm afraid we don't allow any dogs into our bedroom when we go to bed.)

We don't let them on the furniture either - but more often than not, we sit on the floor with them! Luckily, David and I both have 2 sides and 2 hands each - one for each dog! It generally works out well. The other thing we don't do, is feed them at the table. But if we know they have left-overs at home, and we have any, we will put them in their dishes at the end of the meal; or mix it with their food for the next meal.

While I write this, stitting on a chair with my laptop on my knee, and David on the settee, with his ipad, first Lacy jumped onto my knee. Then Tia and Pippin tried to climb onto my chair. And then Holly came in from her stair, and jumped onto the settee beside David. I think we may need a bit of revision on this lesson!