The Ditch Field - and Alfie and Molli. Absolutely idyllic!

28/08/2012 17:09

Big ditches, little ditches, wide ditches, narrow ditches, muddy ditches, cleaner ditches, deep ditches, shallow ditches, 2 labs, 1 kong on a rope - Heaven! Alfie and Molli couldn't believe their walk just now - down the line, as usual, but veering off to "The Ditch Field". Within second they found the first ditch and expected me to scream at them to come out, but these aren't the horrid oily ditches by the side of the path. And when they found more and more! The field is just ridges and furrows, and ideal for throwing a kong on a rope. And they met several other dogs to play with. They are just flaked out now, dreaming of next time. Sorry, I didn't take the camera this time - I'll try to take it next time.