Sophie the spaniel

10/11/2012 20:33

We minded Sophie for a week, just before we went on holiday. I was a bit worried when "a friend" dropped her off. She cried and was quite perturbed for about half and hour. What had we let ourselves in for? But after that, and a few cuddles, she settled in absolutely fine. No more whines. No problem at night. At home she has a chair. Here she had her 2 blankets, on top of ours, in our plastic basket - and loved it. She had us in fits as she would drag all 3 blankets from the kitchen into the lounge if we hadn't moved her basket into there. And then later, would go and sit in an empty basket, looking appealingly for us to put them back! Her owners seemed quite astonished when I assured them that we would have no qualms about minding her again. We enjoyed having her, and she was no trouble.