Sometimes the dogs just get on so well!

08/07/2013 19:52

This was the case with Ruby the fox-red? retriever and Holly, the little spaniel. They didn't just make us smile, they had us laughing all their holidays. After they left, both their owners (at least I hope it was really Holly's owner, otherwise she's even cleverer than I thought) sent us photos of them back at home. (See below.)  So they were still making us smile even then. 

Quote from OUR email: "Holly's still not stopped! I can't believe how much energy she has. We went to the top of the line, where she lives, but thankfully, she never even attempted to turn off to her house. Just intent on the ball." But she still looks ready to jump up on the photo.

Ruby, however... Rachel's email to us...."She's been comatosed now for 24 hours!" I don't think this was a derogatory comment - she really enjoyed her stay, and the companionship of Holly.