Small ones, large ones, and all sizes inbetween

28/06/2013 17:32

We have small dogs, large dogs, very small dogs, very large dogs, and medium-sized dogs. But one thing they all have in common is that they seem to like our purple dog bed! Note - it's the same bed in both photos.

Can you imagine the shock these little cavaliers had when they attempted to come in from the garden, and met Bruce, the German Shepherd/Malimou in the doorway. Tilley was petrified for a few moments. And Murphy growled at him. Don't do that!!!

But they soon got used to each other and got on fine. We still never left them alone together, though, just in case Bruce sat in the wrong place.

We had already got the big crate out, We do not use this as punishment, but we could see that it could provide a "time-out box". Indeed, we did use it for that purpose, just for a couple of minutes at a time. And it seemed to work. Even better, it didn't put the dogs off. Besides them all liking the purple dog bed, it turns out they all also like the crate! The door is always propped open, and we find various combinations of them inside. I think they see it as a refuge. This morning, Murphy flatly refused to come out of it, even staying fast asleep! 7.15am was obviously too early for him after a late night. David agrees, but I don't let him go in the crate.See to see more photos. See to see our website.