Ooh! How exciting!

06/08/2012 16:33

We're very new to this website game, and so I thought I'd just go and look at the website - as a guest - to see if I could put anything on there. And lo and behold, when I went to "Guestbook", instead of me trying to put something to test it out, I found the entry from Alfie and Mollie's owners, from their sleepover. This was a triple whammy - a) I've found out that other people can add to the website

                                        b) It was lovely to read the nice comments

                                        c) It was really good to find out how the labs had gone on, as they returned home.


We've still got a lot to learn, I'm afraid. Really not got the hang of Tags, which is how we can be found on search engines. At the moment, all we seem to do is add them to pages where we don't really want everyone to see them, and they don't seem to be having any effect on Google. Derr!


Also, I tried doing a "Feedback" email, but I've not received anything, so Goodness knows where my email has gone. It's certainly not appeared in our mail box, so please don't use that yet. Perhaps we'll have to try to remove the page.


Hopefully things will improve. Please bear with us.


P and D.