My short break - by Molly

22/06/2013 14:23

"I'll teach them!!! She told them I was an escapologist, and hyperactive at that. But did they realise? No! 14 years in a house with a good fence all round? Ha! They thought it was Fort Knox... but I showed them! Two guide dog pups, numerous guide dogs, loads of other dogs, and not one escaped. Teehee. I changed all that. It did take me at least 15 minutes though. Sadly next door's garden had the same sort of fence as theirs... and you've never seen David and Pauline react so fast. Pauline tore through the house and round the front, but she couldn't get into the garden and had to knock on the door. By the time she'd got through, David and the next door neighbour had already put a stop to my adventure. Shame!

Now, they seem intent on not letting me get out. David took me for a walk, with my friend, Sadie - she's brilliant. She can't run as fast as me, but she has a good try, and then has to stop for a rest. But just look at my photo. I normally have a halty on, but Pauline was worried I might back out of it and so made David put ANOTHER extending lead on my collar as well. Just in case! But I'll save that for next time. The 3 of us had quite a long walk up the railway line, past the viaduct. I've been trying to teach Sadie a few tricks too. Turns out she was in a dog's home too, probably Bleakholt, so we've got a lot in common. Anyway, at the viaduct, she jumped onto the wall with a 30 foot drop the other side. But of course David's had her on a tight lead, so she didn't get any further.

I just can't believe Pauline and David. Now they always make sure that, not only do they have the front and back doors close, but they have other doors closed as well. They keep calling the utility the "anti-chamber", whatever that is. And we have to have leads on before they will open the front door. I've had a little rest now... so they'd better watch out!"