Message from Lucy

16/06/2013 20:35

I'm having a wonderful holiday! I've not had time to miss my mum and dad yet. On Friday, Alexia came to stay. She's Pauline and David's daughter. I did meet her last time, briefly, but this time she stayed for a couple of days, and I found a very cosy place under her bed. I can't get under Pauline and David's cos it doesn't have a space. Then Steve came up as well, so I had lots of people to throw the ball for me. But they both left this morning. It's not really that bad, though, just being left with Pauline and David.

In fact, they took me to 7-Acre Wood, in Bolton today. It was brill. It had fields, paths....and a river. I tried very hard to train them what to do with a ball, but failed, really. I kept taking it into the river, and dropping it. (Luckily it floated!) Then when it moved a bit, I could pounce on it again. But David and Pauline didn't seem to understand that I wanted them to throw it in for me. I think they were afraid that I wouldn't swim to get it. They did throw it on the grass, and the path though. But they still don't understand "Fetch". I keep putting it down and looking at it for them to run and get it, but they don't! They just keep telling me to bring it closer first. They haven't got the right idea at all.Ah well. I keep them amused sometimes. They seem to like to throw the ball, If they throw it my direction, I usually catch it. But if they throw it a different way on the field, I pretend that I'm rounding up a sheep. I watch it carefully to see where it's going to lie down, circle it, so it doesn't realise what I'm doing, and then when it's not looking at me, I dash and pick it up. It makes David and Pauline laugh. I like to try to make them smile.

And then......Guess what...... They gave me my tea (a bit late, actually, because we spent a long time in 7-acre Wood, but never mind). Then they had theirs. But then, there was a bit of the fish sauce left, and they put it over the biscuits I'd left. (They were too dry once I'd eaten the cheese.) But once they had the sauce on, they were really scrumptious!! I hope they get the M&S 2 eat in for £10 again.Anyway, I'm shattered now, and falling asleep.

Oh - the other good thing was that Pauline didn't have the camera. Sometimes she messes about with it something shocking, so it's better when she doesn't have it with her. I get better attention then. But I did hear them say something about bringinig it another day, and then adding the photo to this blog. Good news, Bad news! The good news is that I presume it means we'll go back THERE again. The bad news is that we'll have to keep stopping for her to take photos. Ah well. Can't win 'em all.

'Night. Lucy x

P.S. They liked my Wainwright Mr Fox so much that Pauline's just bought a Wainwright Mrs Duck this morning - and it squeaks still!!


Reply from Jean and Les:

Hi Lucy just read the blog and were rolling over with laughter, Pauline and David have really got you weighed up and we are really glad you're just being you and teasing with the ball. Tell David there is no chance you would go out of your depth in water and that your strictly a paddling girl only. Although I think you have been up to your old scrounging tricks which is very naughty of you. Dad and I are missing you loads but although we are enjoying new york, you would not like it at all, it's like a concrete jungle and very, very crowded.
To David and Pauline : "Once again, thank you for all your care, it's really appreciated. Going to have the luxury of a long soak in the
bath now to ease my weary legs. Xxx"