24/01/2013 00:16

Well - we haven't had a collie before. And Lucy has quite surprised us. She's really cuddly! As I go near her, she lies down and rolls over for her tummy to be tickled. Of course that's as long as there is no ball in sight. She is OBSESSED with balls. And has quite taken to our "treat ball" - a hard plastic ball that has holes in to put treats in. Unlike George, (the lab), who goes bezerk, flying it round the room to get the treats out, Lucy is quite sedate with it, gently rolling it and following it.


Down the line is a different matter. All the time she wants you to throw the tennis ball. But David floored her today (or rather yesterday now. He was out much of the day with her, and when I got home from work she was absolutely shattered. No wonder we have to give her a bit more food. We were asked recently if "boarding" included walks. I can assure anyone, it does! Ask Lucy.


And she just loves the snow. She's gorgeous.