Further news on Daisy

20/08/2012 13:41

"Would you like to come to Fleetwood for the weekend?"

"Hmm, that would be nice, but we are minding a fox terrier."

"No problem. You can bring it. The car will disappear or something."

And so, on Saturday, we headed to Fleetwood, with the boot prepared for car-sickness. Unnecessary! We are used to car-sickness. Myself and our 2 daughters all suffer from it, but we have learnt to cope. Preferable, don't travel first thing in the morning, and never on an empty stomach. Much better to have had and digested a meal a couple of hours before. And this seemed to work for Daisy. She was fine.


And she had a whale of a time on the beach. Unfortunately we didn't feel confident to let her off the lead, but she was on a long one, and we had taken our kong on a rope. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and settled in fine at our friends. She ended up sleeping in our room (away from the cat), and kept me awake rattling her ID tags! (We put an extra one on the dogs we board, with our own details on.)


Again, she was fine on the return journey, having had both her meals that day. I still don't know where the idea comes from that she sleeps all day, though. Not with us! She wants to play all the time, but like I remember my dogs from growing up, is able to sleep sitting bolt upright. You just see her head nod. She's really funny. She's definitely my dog while she's here. Wherever I'm sitting, I can guarantee that she's within a paw's reach of my feet.