From the heart....

24/06/2013 17:30

Well! We have had an interesting time this last week or two. With the start of summer, we've had quite a few dogs through our doors one way or another - and it has caused us to re-think our whole "strategy" (I've obviously been watching too much of Lord Sugar recently).

Because all our dogs, up to now,have seemed to get on well generally, and we have been quite busy, we have become rather lax about doing overnight stays first to make sure the dogs are OK. We have learnt, to our cost, that this is an error. We have enough rooms to split the dogs up if necessary, but this is not a pleasant experience for us if we have a dog for a fortnight. We are not "kennels". The idea is that we treat the dogs as we would our own.

We knew we would have to re-think our pricing structure soon, (Don't worry - we will honour any bookings we already have at the old price) so it seems as well to get the whole of our house in order.

In future:
we will only board un-neutered males on their own, or with dogs from the same household. For this, the minimum charge will be that of boarding two individual dogs. I'm afraid that we have to be a bit business-like on this, as we have bills to pay.

We will only walk or board dogs which are non-agressive with both people and other dogs.

Before taking a boarding booking for a "new" dog, we need it booking in for 4 hours day-care, or an overnight stay at the standard rate. We will only make a firm reservation once that has been successful.