Extra information attached to booking form

01/09/2013 10:48

Recently, we had a couple of dogs who came with an extra hand-written sheet to help us with commands they are used to. You'd be surprised what different words people can use eg to retrieve a ball from a dog, we tried everything we could think of - down, drop, give, leave, should I throw it?, The one word we didn't use was "Taa". I am copying this last sheet, changing the names to protect the innocent; it was REALLY useful, and gave us a little chuckle as well!

Fido (little one)

Spotty harness - pulled something in his leg, which makes him lift it sometimes when walking, but is OK. (* We'd have panicked at this!) Quite independent. Loves other dogs. Will leave dry food hoping for something better. Rarely eats it all. Stands silent at the door, staring, if wants to go out. Will stare at you by your side on a walk when he thinks it's time for a treat.

Scamp (Big one)

Striped harness - cautious with other dogs at first. Quite greedy. Will eat Fido's food. Doesn't like things stuck on fur - will over-react. Very vocal (*we found that-very talkative). Will find you for meals and moan or bark at you. Likes attention, stroking, and paws you if you stop (*we found that too!). When he's barking or moaning at you, if you say "show me" and stand up, he will lead you to what he wants (eg to go outside, or retrieve his toy) *Aww!! He loves his toys. Scared of loud noises/thunder

Dictionary - we loved how there was no definition for the obvious ones too.

off or down        to get off furniture


lie down

bo bo's             bed

ah ah                     said sharply to stop and get some attention (means it's serious)

wait                  to stop them on extendable lead, at kerbs etc

leave it

show me          to lead you somewhere

dindin's            food


quiet                to stop barking

good boy

                                Both will chase cats