Daisy, the 9 year old fox terrier.

16/08/2012 18:44

"Don't worry. She sleeps a lot." Yeah???? Pull the other one. I think they've brought the wrong dog. Daisy's been here for 4 hours now, and not sat down once yet. But I'd forgotten how much I liked fox terriers. Judy was around until I was 5. She was 13. Then Hector - sadly he was a roamer. My parents couldn't keep him in, especially when we found he could scramble over a 6-foot wall. He came to a sad end. So we screamed at the next one, Scamp, so much that he wouldn't go over the doorstep unless you put his lead on, and lived to be nearly 14. But all the memories have come flooding back. Fox terriers think they are on springs, and have very waggy tails. They just want to play - pulling toys and getting you to chase them. Daisy's lovely - and you'd never believe she was 9!