Can Lucy howl??.... You bet!

25/01/2013 16:59

By 18.30, she's shattered. We seem to have this effects on "our" dogs. David has her out lots, or she follows him around all day, so she just takes herself off to her bed, which is now in our plastic purple basket - she likes that. But this morning I tried to let David have a lie-in. I moved the alarm clock, went downstairs and had my breakfast. Lucy wanted to just get past me to go upstairs to him. If he goes down first, she comes up to me. But then I shut her in the kitchen while I went up to get dressed. I was just upstairs when she started barking, and then HOWLED !!! I had to run down quickly. He didn't get a lie in!

He was also walking Willow (the white retriever) and Flora. Apparently she and Willow got on like a house on fire, especially with the ball, which Lucy ran for, then dropped, was picked up by Willow, and followed round by Lucy. No wonder they were tired. Flora would still rather not join in, but that's her prerogative.