Beautiful day at The Burrs - with Tess, Sweep, Wally and Sam (the rug-rat)

06/04/2013 19:42

Spent a lovely couple of hours with the four dogs down at The Burrs. Lots of water for Sweep and Wally, and Tess swam out to chase some ducks, which annoyingly just flew off as she was getting within reach. Sweep was very good at retrieving the ball either on land or water.... only having it taken from her by Wally at the end. Sam, the rug-ratter, was convinced he'd found a water-rat's hole and had to be dragged away. It was the first time we had let Sam off the lead - and he was absolutely fine.He even almost broke into a run once. (I didn't believe he could until Carolyn sent us a hilarious video of him!) They then spent the rest of the afternoon fast asleep.