And now - Sam, the Ratter (or Mouser)

01/02/2013 23:27

It's been all change this afternoon. Now we just have Sam, the Norfolk terrier. Apparently they were bred as ratters for students at Cambridge University I am told. Sam is CONVINCED there is a mouse in or behind our piano. We have taken it to pieces, and indeed, found a mouse nest.... hopefully from a couple of years ago when we DID have one. No other signs now. But he was still convinced. So then I pulled out the computer table and all its rubbish. And cleaned behind it! (This does not get done very often I'm afraid.) Definitely no mice, or any signs. But he's not having any of it! He's still trying to get behind the wires, and whining. Even when he SAW me pull it all out. I just hope he's not right somehow. But none of Alfie, Molli, George, Mildred, Sophie, Sasha, Suzie, Ruby, Lucy, Lacy, Mario, Little Alfie, Daisy-fox terrier....has noticed anything untoward. I'm still putting my feet on the chair, though, as I type this - just in case a little mouse comes scurrying out. Aaargh!