Alternatives to walks

12/03/2013 22:17

Sometimes, either because the owner doesn't want us to, or because we are not totally convinced of recall, or maybe we are concerned that a dog who knows its surroundings might just decide to head for home, we might not let it off its lead. Then, and even at other times, it's quite good to go and play in the security of our garden. We did this recently with Willow - she thoroughly enjoyed playing with David and a stick. (see the photogallery) I've even called in for shelter a couple of times when the heavens have opened at the wrong time. If this happens, the dogs still get their full walk - it just means it takes longer from start to finish, and so they have company for longer too.  


Then sometimes a dog may not be able to go for a walk because it has a poorly leg or some other reason. But Henry was still very pleased to see us even if he didn't get to go out. We let him out in the garden, gave him his biscuits, and just sat and stroked him. And talked to him. He gets a bit fed up of the TV sometimes.