Alfie - in bad books

05/05/2013 12:16

Oh dear! It has been suggested that Alfie knows his holiday is coming to an end. The last couple of days he's been testing us. Alfie! Alfie! Alfie! Come!!!! "Nope. I'm going to play with that husky on a lead, or that lab, or whatever dog I see." I've realised that the only time he actually SITS is when he is being told off. Otherwise he either stands or lies down. But being shouted at, he immediately sits.

He WILL come back eventually, but he has to learn that we can't have behaviour like this, and consequently has ended up back on his lead. Today he's going to be on a long lead. But David took pity on him this morning and did some training with him off-lead - "sit, come, wait". He was obedient - 99% of the time. (The 1% when he saw another dog of course.)

He's a little (sorry, big) love, and we will miss him when he goes home. We're still having lots of fun with him - and he's got another friend coming tonight, so no doubt he will be in his element. But he still has to toe the line. I think he's decided he prefers me to feed him - David thinks I'm soft, but it's just we've had a couple of bits of food over. Some bits of chicken rescued from the carcass, and a drop of the soup (warmed up of course) we made makes his food much more appetising. We never feed the dogs at the table, and the only time they have left-overs are if it is bits of meat (no bones of course) and vegetables, or some stock/soup. Of course if you say your dog has not to have anything other than the food you have brought, we are very happy ot abide by that.