Alfie and Molli have bounced in

24/08/2012 19:46

They didn't seem to have any problems remembering us or where they were - and have had waggy tails ever since. I thought I should have a heart to heart and told them that when we go over to see George (our cover yellow lab), they have not got to gang up on him. Nic (my daughter who is home briefly from China) commented that there was no  need for Molli to "gang up" on anyone. She's a gang by herself. Aww.

David and Nic have just taken them on a tiring walk - but I know they'll be barking at 6am. Sadly, I'm not feeling too well at the moment (a "viral infection" - in other words they don't know what it is), but all my joints are aching, so I was very glad when Nic offered to accompany David instead of me. Hopefully I'll be back to "normal" tomorrow, but if not, we also have other daughter, Alexia, and boyfriend Steve over for the next couple of days, so the dogs will have no shortage of playmates and walkers.