A&M 6.30am wake-up call. Failure on our part!

26/08/2012 22:53

And after all that keeping them awake. Last time that I drag Molli thru to the kitchen on her bed! She can get up and walk. We'll see what tomorrow brings, after their 3rd walk today, including a swim at The Burrs. Unfortunately I was still ill, so we didn't make it over to see George. Tomorrow. But the dogs haven't missed out with David, Nic, Alexia and Steve around. Not sure who was funniest tonight when they came back with David and Nic - they both told me the same incidents, difficult to understand through their laughing, about Molli jumping over a wall and nearly ending up in a plant pot or litter bin. And Alfie doing a swerve mid-air to avoid the same thing. A&M were trying to tell me similar stories about David and Nic, I'm sure! All very happy, anyway. We've got SO many photos, but I need to make them smaller first.