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My second home

George | 14/10/2012

Well, Pauline and Dave had George again and house sat for us (2 kitties and a duck) for the BIG one this time. We were away for a month....and we wern't missed!! Which was fantastic. What better accolade can you have than your dog has found a new Mum and Dad? When Pauline came home with George he never left her side, we had a cursory glance (!) of "Oh You are back then". We thought he was missing her, and this was confirmed when we went to visit the following week. He was so excited to see her. So a great big thank you to both of you for looking after George and everything else. Can we book again for next year??

Re: My second home

Pauline and David | 15/10/2012

Next year's booked in our diary!! When is it - March? April? May? September? - whenever it is, it'll be there. We're all missing George. Alexia and Steve have just been over today, and both commented that they are missing him too. And I quite miss Kevin and Amber too. Not QUITE as attached to Duck, but even so, enjoyed the morning or evening "come and feed me" quacks. We'll practise with the frizbee too.

Return home after their adventure holiday with Pauline David and Nikki

Alfie and Molli | 04/09/2012

well we have just picked Alfie and Molli up after the stay with pauline david and nikki whilst we where on holiday.

They once again are curled up absolutley shattered!!!

We were both very reassure whilst we were away as pauline updated the website daily so we could see how Alfie and Molli were getting on and making sure they were behaving themselves!! (which I think they did apart from molli chasing all the animals!)

We were happy to hear of all the adventures they had both had whilst we were away such as a visit to see George the yellow lab (whom is lovely).

There has been some fantastic pictures posted of their holiday!!

We felt very reassured by Pauline and Davids professional approach to caring for our dogs whilst we where on holiday.
They have been very well loooked after and would recommend them to anyone who is not willing to put their pets into a kennal

Re: Return home after their adventure holiday with Pauline David and Nikki

Pauline and David | 14/09/2012

Oh dear! We'll be getting a name for wearing out our dogs - they never seem to complain, though. We loved having Alfie and Mollie, and it was great fun when we had George as well - our "rainbow of labs". Beautiful. We hope they might come back again, sometime

And our very best wishes to the newly married couple. Hope the honeymoon went well.


P & D | 15/10/2012

Oops - sorry again. Can't spell Molli! I concentrate on not spelling it with a "y", but then do an Alfie! P.

Sasha and Suki

Janet | 30/08/2012

Pauline and David took my girls (Siberian Huskies) out for walkies when I was recovering from a broken foot! It was a joy to see Sasha and Suki trotting off down the street with their tails wagging in the air! They loved their walks and now pounce on them whenever we bump into them!

Re: Sasha and Suki

Pauline and David | 30/08/2012

Thanks, Janet. We loved walking them - I reckon it would be awesome in the snow with a real sled. I soon realised I had to give up on trying to get them to walk to heel - they just pulled perfectly as one dog. Oops - sorry, Janet. I thought Sasha was a Sacha.


Alfie and molli | 05/08/2012

Alfie and molli have returned home after a sleepover at pauline and David's in prep for when we go on our holiday at the end of August.
After Pauline and David left them both lay on their bed and fell straight to sleep absolutely shattered.
We normally have a strict routine in our house being woken up at 6am for breakfast regardless of what day it is! However they were so tired they didn't wake up till 9am and even after eating returned to bed for another hour.
We asked Alfie if he wanted to go for a walk ( which normally is a magic word) but he didn't seen all that bothered to be honest!
Pauline and David have taken excellent care on them both and they clearly enjoyed there little stay!
Think they are resting up now before they go back at the end of the month!

Re: Sleepover

Pauline and David | 27/08/2012

We were really thrilled to find this comment from Alfie and Molli's owners. We are still learning how to use the website. We loved having the labs! Actually we've got them back now, and they just bounced in, home from home. So much home from home that they've now trained us to get up at 6am. Aargh!! Ah well. Sometimes you have to accept defeat graciously.

Re: Sleepover

Pauline and David | 15/10/2012

Oh! I just realised that we had never replied to this. Really sorry. I thought we had. We still talk about A and M a lot - other things besides their 6am call and Mollie's "Fenton moment". We really enjoyed having them (they're definitely our "Burrs" dogs). And again for the 2 days when we had George as well - our beautiful Rainbow of Labs. They're welcome, any time!

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