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Sadie Gresty's Overnight Stay

Rachel | 23/07/2013

My beautiful dog went to stay overnight with david and pauline. She loved it and i'd Recommend it most highly to anyone needing a dog minder. She had a great time playing with her new friend molly and when she arrived she ran straight into the house because she couldn't wait to go on her holidays. Thank you so much for looking after my Sadie and i will definitely use you again when we next go on holiday!

Re: Sadie Gresty's Overnight Stay

Pauline | 24/07/2013

Thanks for the lovely comments, Rachel. They mean such a lot to us. Sorry I managed to lose your email. I've managed to sort it out, except for the date, which should say "25/06/2013 17:55" Sadie and Molly found they had a lot in common, both being rescue dogs, I think.

Ruby - after her overnight stay

Rachel and Lee | 10/05/2013

We loved your comments and he fantastic pictures too !
She didn't properly wake up until the Monday evening- she was so funny !!
See you soon

Reply about Ruby and Alfie

Pauline and David | 10/05/2013

....and Ruby left us on Sunday afternoon! But Alfie was just as tired.
We loved having Ruby and Alfie together - they had a wonderful time, and being similar sized, they got on SO well.
The following weekend, Ruby was replaced by spaniel, Holly. Holly is so much smaller, but they got on equally well. Holly could (and did!) run rings round Alfie - but he enjoyed it.

Like children, most dogs just seem to enjoy each other's company.


Sheila Davies | 10/05/2013

Alfie's settled but I'm sure he's missing his friends..Thank-you so much for looking after him. The update texts were great and pictures kept us reassured that he was fine.( not that we had any doubts ) once again thanks.


Jeni | 05/03/2013

Willow has been getting walked by David for a number of weeks now. She looks very happy when he arrives and always goes off on her walk with a very waggy tail ! I would highly recommend Paw-line.

Re: Sam Ramsden "the ratter!"

Carolyn and Harold Ramsden | 12/02/2013

Sam says a very big thank you for having him this week. You
Have been really wonderful. He has been cajoled into extra walks( which, being a fat little chappie - kennel name is Diddle Diddle Dumpling and totally apt) which were very welcome. Pauline and David have put up with his many idiosyncrasies stoically like his obsession with their bookcase and piano . Thanks again.

Re: Re: Sam Ramsden "the ratter!"

Pauline and David | 12/02/2013

Well done on your IT skills, Carolyn. I'm impressed! Your comments, on here and, made us smile nearly as much as Sam did. I hope you've managed to see the video of him with the treat-ball? (On www. Please let us know asap when we should pencil him in for next time. I'm not complaining, but the calendar's not blank any more, and of course we want to give our established customers priority.

Lucy's holiday January 2013

Jean and Les | 31/01/2013

Bless you, Lucy looks to have had a brilliant stay with you, the pictures say it all. Many thanks for putting our minds at rest whilst on holiday and for the endless ball throwing. Caught Les and Lucy napping after lunch today, they are both tired out poor things !!!. which is no mean feat where Lucy is concerned but she looks to have enjoyed every minute. Im sure Lucy will be bounding to your door again come June thinking ha my playmates are back.

We are really satisfied with you care and hope to continue bringing Lucy to you for many years to come.

Many thanks
Jean and Les

Alfies Xmas holiday.

David | 06/01/2013

Pauline and David are very good. I can highly recommend them. Our Bichon Frise, Alfie was very happy staying with them and was made to feel very much at home. I was relieved to find them instead of a kennel. THANKS!!!!!

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