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Molly's Holiday

Bill, Marilyn & Molly | 10/03/2014

We are so relieved and happy that Molly had such a good time staying with you and her canine friends during our short break hol. in London.We feel that we can go away and enjoy our future holidays safe in the knowledge that Molly is being so well looked after. You are absolutely wonderful and provide a !st class service. We can without a doubt fully recommend you.

See you soon

Re: Molly's Holiday

David and Pauline | 13/03/2014

Thanks so much for the lovely comments - it means a great deal to us to know that you are happy with our services. Molly was a star - she is really no trouble, and has a lovely temperament. We look forward to having her again.

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Pauline and David | 27/12/2013

see (You don't have to "do" facebook to look at it.) - and look at "Reviews" on right hand side, a bit further down the page.

Ollie and Dennis' holiday stay

Natalie and Carl | 02/09/2013

Ollie and Dennis loved their stay and enjoyed playing with their new friends - they slept all day when they came home. We could relax on our holiday thanks to your texts and Facebook pictures. It really took the stress out of leaving them. Thanks so much for giving them a home from home, looking forward to bringing them back for their next holiday.

Oscar had a fab time

David, Suzanne, Luke (and Oscar!!) | 01/08/2013

We are home from a lovely holiday. Oscar sounds to have had a fab time with David and Pauline and his canine friends!! Thanks for the reassuring emails.
Luke said Oscar looked so at home at yours that he was reluctant to leave!!
He will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Thanks for everything.

Ruby - She's been comatosed now for 24 hours!‏ (after her long stay)

Rachel and Lee (with Ruby) | 24/07/2013

Thank you so much not only for taking wonderful care of our precious cherub but also being so wonderfully hospitable. I'm sending you a photo of her after her holiday.

Re: Ruby - She's been comatosed now for 24 hours!‏ (after her long stay)

Pauline | 24/07/2013

Thanks for the lovely email you sent. We loved having Ruby. Together with Holly, they really made us smile... and laugh...all the time. Photos will not show on this page, so I've put it in the Blog section together with one of Holly received the same day. (the 8th July - not the date on this reply). I messed up the website, big time. Oops!

My stay with you - and Ruby

Holly | 24/07/2013

Thank you for looking after me and taking me out with ruby

Re: My stay with you - and Ruby

Pauline | 24/07/2013

Hi Holly (and Jean - I think she may have helped you a bit with your email)
We loved having you, and seeing how well you played with Ruby. Many thanks for sending the comment, and also for the photo of you in your garden. I have posted it on the Blog page on this website, along with one that Rachel sent of Ruby - but she was fast asleep.

thank,s for your team

johni | 13/11/2017

Wow. Great lens! Dully noted!

Well, I love my pets anyway, good info to be aware! Thanks

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