What if my dog requires a vet's attention whilst we are away?

We can arrange to take your pet to your usual vet. Alternatively, we are registered with Pennine Vets, Tottington. We will of course only involve any vet when necessary and you will be expected to reimburse any charges made.

Can we provide a favourite blanket / toy / treat etc?

Yes. Of course. The intention is that your pet should feel at home as much as possible whilst you are away.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes. It will be necessary to provide proof of vaccinations in order to protect the health of other dogs.

Will my dog come into contact with others?

Inevitably, yes. We usually come across other dogs while out on walks. We will only board your dog(s) at any one time but they may wmeet others that are being walked during the day and may cross over with boarders staying before or after.(Hence the requirement for up to date vaccinations - see "Does my dog need to be vaccinated" ?)

Can I drop off/collect my dog at anytime?

Within reason and subject to prior agreement, yes. We will be as flexible as possible.

Will my dog be let off the lead?

Only with your written permission and if we are satisfied with its recall and behaviour.

I have more than 2 dogs. Can you accommodate them?

Yes. We are licenced for up to 4 dogs. Please contact us to discuss details and for a competitive price.

Where will my dog be exercised?

Not exclusively but around the Kirklees trail, Burrs Country Park and Jumbles Country Park; these are traffic free environments for a dog to roam. Unfortunately depending upon location and time it may have to be around local streets, in which case it may not be possible to allow a free run off the lead. (Free runs are only allowed with your written permission, when we are satisfied regarding recall and behaviour and when it is safe).

Is it possible for you to collect and return my dog?

Subject to prior arrangement and agreed price we can arrange to collect and return at your convenience.

Can we administer medication?

Yes. Subject to your instruction we are prepared to administer medication.

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