Are we right for you?

It's "horses for courses", or rather "dogs for accommodation". We know we are not right for everyone. Nor, unfortunately, is every dog right for us. To get some idea about us, have a look at this video clip:!/photo.php?v=375919745869212&set=vb.221367684657753&type=2&theater

Walking is a bit more straightforward. We can walk most dogs as long as they are not aggressive. Sometimes we will insist that they are walked on their own, but often we find they like to be walked with other dogs. If they are not allowed off the lead, we may sometimes play with them in the garden as well, giving them more exercise. 

Home visits The charge is similar to walking, but if you have a puppy or an older dog, it might not need a long walk – just some company, play-time, and/or a bit of TLC (and possibly feeding of course). Except in the holidays, when there are definitely two of us around, this can only be done avoiding lunch-time. Half-day care (see below) may be an alternative. 

Boarding This is done in our own home, and the dogs are treated as we would our own. They are expected to bring their own beds as they will not be allowed on ours. Generally they will have the run of the house and garden, but not the bedrooms. At night, they may be in the kitchen, but we will decide if they are better in the hall, the utility, or even the dining room. They will have 2 or 3 walks a day and must bring their own food.

It is a legal requirement, even if a dog is chipped, that it has a collar and ID tag. We will not accept any dog which comes without these. We need a collar on at all times - "just in case" we need to grab it if someone comes to the door etc. We will also add a tag with our details on it for its stay.

We are licensed to board 4 dogs, though we don't always have that many. However, because we may have other dogs, it is important that your dog does not show aggression or dominance to people or other dogs. We have found it necessary to say that we will not have an un-neutered male with any other dogs, other than from the same household. We don't want to spend the whole time keeping dogs apart and saying "No". Because of this, if we do only have the one dog, regrettably we will have to charge more, and it is unlikely we can do it at busy times.

We also need you to bring its veterinary record showing that it is up-to-date with its vaccinations.

Half-day care This may be done as an alternative to walking. Your dog may spend about 4 hours with us. This can be negotiated, depending on the time, distance etc. Possibilities are you dropping the dog off with us and us taking it back, or vice versa, or even, if you live quite close, we might do both. We could also possibly do a split time, taking the dog back home at our busiest period, lunch-time. It means the dog is not left home alone for too long.