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17/08/2012 13:26
Will definitely put your details in my diary as kennels leave me cold...Karan and Kath love the website...the beagle definitely got the thumbs up.  

Nothing to do with dogs at all......

16/08/2012 20:02
But we've just had such a wonderful meal, I thought it was worth writing about. Younger daughter, Nikki, is home briefly from China/Vietnam/Thailand etc., and decided to cook us an authentic meal, as she has done cookery courses over there. We had Amok (fish or vegetarian), which is a very...

Daisy, the 9 year old fox terrier.

16/08/2012 18:44
"Don't worry. She sleeps a lot." Yeah???? Pull the other one. I think they've brought the wrong dog. Daisy's been here for 4 hours now, and not sat down once yet. But I'd forgotten how much I liked fox terriers. Judy was around until I was 5. She was 13. Then Hector - sadly he was a...

Daisy - wire-haired fox terrier

16/08/2012 14:49
Can you mind our dog tomorrow for a few days please? As chance would have it, we could, so we now have a very energetic little fox terrier running around the house. Takes me back to my childhood - see our blog for more details.


13/08/2012 23:08
The Feedback Page is working now. The GUESTBOOK is also OK; or please contact us at Thanks.

Click here to see what we mean!

08/08/2012 11:15
We won't just sit your dog in front of the TV - but when it's a David Attenborough film..... After all, it IS educational!

Ooh! How exciting!

06/08/2012 16:33
We're very new to this website game, and so I thought I'd just go and look at the website - as a guest - to see if I could put anything on there. And lo and behold, when I went to "Guestbook", instead of me trying to put something to test it out, I found the entry from Alfie and Mollie's owners,...

First blog

04/08/2012 00:00
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

Milestone for Flora

25/07/2012 23:07
Today Flora actually greeted me and stayed with me to be stroked until I put her lead on. Flora is a rescue Spanish greyhound who has obviously been very badly treated in the past, she is terrified of people, children, balls, traffic and other dogs and generally hated going for walks but today...
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