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George is SO funny!

01/10/2012 20:15
It's George's last night with us. While I was out this morning, daughter arrived home. Did he "kill"? Definitely not. Not even a bark, but when she went to bed (having been on night shift), he insisted on sleeping on her bedroom floor. Then tonight I was tormenting him by hiding his "pull" behind...

George, Kevin, Wambams (alias Amber) and Duck

29/09/2012 11:54
Oh dear! David woke up this morning thinking our holiday is nearly at an end, and we need to check on our flights. Not quite. A holiday? Hmmm. On a bright Saturday morning, above Halifax, it does seem like we're on holiday. On a rainy Monday night, returning on the M62, wondering if we've got...

See for pet sitters on National Register

15/09/2012 22:56

Sorry, we NEVER let the dogs on our furniture

01/09/2012 09:56
.......Except maybe when Nikki has just come home!


30/08/2012 13:06
Don't know what happened. Maybe we were too tired to hear them. But the alarm, not the dogs, woke us up this morning. They got lots of praise, anyway - and a walk to The Ditches. (See news for more on that, and a couple of photos.)

We got out - without getting wet

29/08/2012 14:54
We managed to seize our opportunity at 10am, and managed to get an hour and a half's walk in, without getting wet. It's now pouring down again (3pm'ish). We'll watch for our next chance. Wake-up time? We've settled on 6.45am, just half way between their normal getup and ours. But don't worry,...

Rain, rain, go away!

29/08/2012 09:19
It's ugh! Even the dogs don't want to go out this morning. We'll leave it for a bit and see if it reduces to just just "heavy rain".

The Ditch Field - and Alfie and Molli. Absolutely idyllic!

28/08/2012 17:09
Big ditches, little ditches, wide ditches, narrow ditches, muddy ditches, cleaner ditches, deep ditches, shallow ditches, 2 labs, 1 kong on a rope - Heaven! Alfie and Molli couldn't believe their walk just now - down the line, as usual, but veering off to "The Ditch Field". Within second they...

A wonderful afternoon with George

27/08/2012 21:27
Alfie and Molli had a wonderful afternoon at George's, in a farmhouse (and land) on the mountains above Halifax. Maybe Alfie enjoyed it more - the boys ganged up a bit, and Molli got a bit jealous, giving George the evils whenever she got chance. But generally they got on great, chasing round the...

OK. We know when we are defeated. 6am

27/08/2012 07:27
But they're not winning the war. David got up and fed their barking at 6am. Then came back to bed. I got up at 6.45am, but they know I'm not happy. And am doing things like this until 7.30, or maybe 7.45, when I'll take them out. Watch it start raining now! It's still very hard not to smile at...
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