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Can Lucy howl??.... You bet!

25/01/2013 16:59
By 18.30, she's shattered. We seem to have this effects on "our" dogs. David has her out lots, or she follows him around all day, so she just takes herself off to her bed, which is now in our plastic purple basket - she likes that. But this morning I tried to let David have a lie-in. I...


24/01/2013 00:16
Well - we haven't had a collie before. And Lucy has quite surprised us. She's really cuddly! As I go near her, she lies down and rolls over for her tummy to be tickled. Of course that's as long as there is no ball in sight. She is OBSESSED with balls. And has quite taken to our "treat ball" - a...

Don't they just make you smile?!

16/01/2013 23:12
Just been up to The Ditch Field with Alfie and Mollie, after a night of torrential rain. Absolutely idyllic! I've decided that our "tag-line" is going to be "Don't they just make you smile." - whether it's labs, a fox-terrier, a beagle pup, huskies or greyhounds, they DO just make you smile....

Christmas presents

28/12/2012 17:04
What did Santa bring you? He bought me a "Where's Fenton?" book - along the lines of "Where's Wally", but instead, you have to find the black lab. It was actually Molli, the chocolate lab that did a Fenton impersonation whilst in our charge, but it could easily have been Millie, or Alfie I'm...


28/12/2012 15:35
We only had Alfie for 2 days or so, but we loved having him. We laughed lots, but at the same time, felt very sorry for him. In his early life as a show dog, he has been kept in a cage quite a lot. Now he is free, and is still learning how to deal with that. So when I tried to play with him, as I...

David to do dog-walking full time in 2013

08/12/2012 19:30
David is definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY finishing his employment on 31st December, and will be working full time to increase our dog business. So we can take on lots of bookings now!

Sophie the spaniel

10/11/2012 20:33
We minded Sophie for a week, just before we went on holiday. I was a bit worried when "a friend" dropped her off. She cried and was quite perturbed for about half and hour. What had we let ourselves in for? But after that, and a few cuddles, she settled in absolutely fine. No more whines. No...

Tigra - R.I.P.

22/10/2012 00:00
Sadly, but not unexpectedly, Tigra passed away peacefully while we were away. Even the day before we left, she was anxious to go for a walk. I had to carry her up and down the steps, but she managed to walk round a little block, with a lot of rests.

George came back to see me

14/10/2012 00:10
Aw! The other day George came back to see me, with Sue and Steve in tow. I was upstairs and heard him bark. Apparently when he got out of the car, Steve had asked "Where are you?" and that set him off barking. It was lovely to see him again - and he seemed quite happy to come back and see me as...

Tigra not so well

13/10/2012 23:53
Oh dear. Sad times. 10-11 days ago, Tigra wasn't herself at all while we were out on a walk. Normally she's ahead. But that day, particularly in the latter half, she just dragged behind. The next day was similar, so Barry took her to the vet's. Her blood tests weren't good. We don't know how old...
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