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A busy weekend with Alfie and Ruby

30/04/2013 20:14
Alfie is now totally at home here, but he thought his boat had really come in at the weekend, when we had a beautiful ginger retriever, Ruby, to stay. Thankfully, Ruby had "been done", but neither of the dogs seemed to fully acknowledge the fact. Consequently, they were never left in the same room...

Our first proper day with Alfie

26/04/2013 00:32
.... and he's flaked out (see photos on front page) Oops! They should be in the Photogallery, but have somehow sneaked onto the front page. I'll move them tomorrow.   On Alfie's first full day with us, he was kept on a long lead at The Burrs this morning, but then allowed off in 7-acre Country...

Beautiful day at The Burrs - with Tess, Sweep, Wally and Sam (the rug-rat)

06/04/2013 19:42
Spent a lovely couple of hours with the four dogs down at The Burrs. Lots of water for Sweep and Wally, and Tess swam out to chase some ducks, which annoyingly just flew off as she was getting within reach. Sweep was very good at retrieving the ball either on land or water.... only having it taken...

Alternatives to walks

12/03/2013 22:17
Sometimes, either because the owner doesn't want us to, or because we are not totally convinced of recall, or maybe we are concerned that a dog who knows its surroundings might just decide to head for home, we might not let it off its lead. Then, and even at other times, it's quite good...

Lady and The Tramp

09/03/2013 18:20
Two gorgeous dogs! Sasha, aged 9, can best be described as majestic; meanwhile Lucky (named because his present owner rescued him after being hit by a car) is a small version of The Tramp. You can't help but smile at his cheeky expressions. Watch for the photos.

Got a new "dog" phone

09/03/2013 18:19
Just got a new "Dog phone" today - hopefully one which David doesn't cancel as he gets it out of his pocket. It closes up. £7.99 from Carphone Warehouse. How can they do it this cheaply?

More on Sam - and his invisible mouse

06/02/2013 00:13
Well - he's still after it. This time behind the settee. I thought he was squealing to get to David in the kitchen, but no, he was trying to get behind the settee. He's getting lots more vocal too. Really talks to us in the morning, mainly asking for his breakfast, and refusing to go in the...

Sam - the mouser - No change there, then!

04/02/2013 18:15
Despite lying in wait, now for 3 days (and 2 friendly mouse traps down as well).... not a single mouse or dropping in sight. And Sam still insists on checking everywhere - under the stairs, the downstairs loo, the fridge (but that's a ploy). We've taken him for walks, but this lad doesn't believe...

And now - Sam, the Ratter (or Mouser)

01/02/2013 23:27
It's been all change this afternoon. Now we just have Sam, the Norfolk terrier. Apparently they were bred as ratters for students at Cambridge University I am told. Sam is CONVINCED there is a mouse in or behind our piano. We have taken it to pieces, and indeed, found a mouse nest.... hopefully...

Two Chihuahuas and a German Shephed...., a Schitzu and a Norfolk terrier

01/02/2013 23:19
We've been having fun the last few days. Harley and Ollie, the chihuahuas have terrorised anything that comes near them. I agree with their owner - they probably think they are rottweilers, and actually get away with it as people and dogs look at them and think they can't be serious, and can't...
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