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On a happier note

06/10/2016 09:09
A welcome to Bella, a new "little sister", for Dobby. And Daisy, the new little Norfolk terrier. I wonder if she will follow in Sam's ratting footsteps.

More sad days

06/10/2016 08:57
In July, we had a very sad time. Alan, our friend and very good neighbour, and who helped us occasionally with certain dogs (and turtles) passed away. We miss him every day as we look across to his house. I know those of you who knew him would want to join us in sending condolences to his...

Sad days - The other day we had to say goodbye to Henry

24/04/2015 21:05
RIP, Henry. One of David's first dogs to be walked. Sorry (that was Henry walking David, in case anyone might be mistaken!) He was a vegetarian beagle, after surviving cancer a few years ago. This was our last photo of him as David went up to say Goodbye - shortly before his last meal of chicken...

Discerning dog owners

30/08/2014 20:33
Client "I see lots of vans with dog-walking livery"David "Yes. We don't do that. We don't want to advertise that you might be out or on holiday."Client "Ah - you just have the discerning customer."Exactly!!

Tess, Sweep, Wally... and Lucy

27/01/2014 21:11
I haven't written a blog for quite a while. Been using Facebook more. But thought I'd write a bit more of a diary now. These are all dogs we know. They've been with us a few times now. Tess, Sweep and Wally come as a trio; and then Lucy, separate, a couple of days later. So 4's a crowd? Not any...


19/11/2013 23:40
This morning, David was down the line with Cooper, the lovely black and white young spaniel, when he met one of the usual dog-walkers with her similar spaniel. She said "Oh, I saw a little dog, the other day, trying to drag its owner into your house. She told me that it was OK - that that was just...

Extra information attached to booking form

01/09/2013 10:48
Recently, we had a couple of dogs who came with an extra hand-written sheet to help us with commands they are used to. You'd be surprised what different words people can use eg to retrieve a ball from a dog, we tried everything we could think of - down, drop, give, leave, should I throw it?, The...

Just an update - too long for a FB status

09/08/2013 10:44
We've had a bit of a mixture, again, recently, gradually diminishing in size. Since WIllow and Ruby (lab/retriever types), we've gone gradually smaller, to the tiniest yorkie you ever did see. Buster came with a bit of an attitude, pulling on his lead, barking at big dogs (he terrified me...

Who let the dogs out??

06/08/2013 16:34
Had a great week. Sometimes, we have dogs on half-day care. Instead of "just" taking them for an hour's walk, they might get a bit shorter walk, but they spend 3-4 hours with us one way or another. If we have well-matched dogs, we can sometimes just have a cuppa tea in the garden, and let them...

Sometimes the dogs just get on so well!

08/07/2013 19:52
This was the case with Ruby the fox-red? retriever and Holly, the little spaniel. They didn't just make us smile, they had us laughing all their holidays. After they left, both their owners (at least I hope it was really Holly's owner, otherwise she's even cleverer than I thought) sent us photos of...
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